Vegetation of trees and bushes

Trees in the city park of Krems The first trees and ornamental bushes were planted in 1880. Nowadays there are about 260 trees of 41 domestic species and also an imposing number of exotic trees, many of them are more than 100 years old. Among the most important domestic conifers are Spruce, Fir, Scots Bine, Yew and Black pine, together with domestic deciduous trees like Oak, Ash, Elm, Common Hornbeam, Maple- and Lime.

You will also find several exotic species from remote foreign countries in our City Park e.g. Ginkgo (China), Indian bean tree, Princess tree (China), Honey locust tree (tropic Afr./S-Am.), Kentucky coffee tree (N-Am), Pagoda tree (Jap), Hackberry tree (N-Am), Planes (Eu, Am, As) and Horse chestnuts (Eu, As, N-Am) as well as foreign conifers like Douglas fir and Serbian spruce (Balkans).

Permanent checks, tree- restorations and harvesting of rotten trees together with replacement secure sustainable and safe city park.

The city park is a green lung - one adult tree produces about 10 - 15 kg of Oxygen a day (averaged over a year); one person need about 1 -2 kg of Oxygen a day; in the park there are around 260 trees; these trees (supplemented by bushes) produce in total about 2.600 - 3.900 kg of Oxygen a day.

So the city park "supplies", roughly calculated, nearly the daily consumption of Oxygen of 3.250 citizens of Krems!