Monuments - Memorials

Integrated to the park there are some monuments and memorials of historical figures from Krems and of the Austrian civil society and monuments relating to events in Austrian history.

In the northern part there are

  • Monument to Fieldmarshall Lieutnant Heinrich Sebastian Schmidt (built 1811)
  • the Memorial to Emperor Josef ΙΙ (built 1894)
  • the Monument for the Military Sappers and Army Engineers (built 1920)
  • the Memorial to the Infantry General, Karl Eibl (built 1959)
  • the MKV - Monument for South Tyrol / Andreas Hofer (built 1960)

In the Southern part there are

  • the Memorial to the gymnast Friedrich Ludwig Jahn (built 1912)
  • the Memorial to the Olympic Champion for 1936, Gregor Hradetzky (Krems; built 1988)